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Our multi-room audio visual systems combine the latest technologies from both Control4 and HDANYWHERE allowing you to get the most out of your audio-visual system.
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A Multi-room audio system allows for users to each play their different music sources in different rooms in your home or combine all your zones together to play a single source perfect for a party. With flush ceiling speakers, 5.1 surround sound systems for both indoors or outside from Origin Acoustics, your music will never have sounded so good. We can also allow you to combine this with a matrix which puts all of your sources, such as Sky Q boxes and Blu-ray players, in one fixed location whilst being able to view them on any TV in your house. This allows your TVs to all play the same source simultaneously, or switch between your different outputs, giving you total viewing freedom from anywhere in your home. These systems are both scalable allowing you to introduce these for your entire house, or just a select few rooms.

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